About us


Leiloeira Santo Eloy is an Auction Company specialized in the Jewelery and Painting sector, being primarily dedicated to the trade of Gold, Silverware, Jewels, Watches, Precious Stones and Gold Coins and secondly to the trade of varied Plastic Arts, in particular two-dimensional and multi-technical. The specificity of our work and the training of our team is a guarantee of quality.

Auctioneer Santo Eloy originates from a family with three generations of experience in this area. We are a multidisciplinary team of Expert Gemologists, graduated in Portugal and abroad, specialized in Diamonds, Corundums, Beryls, Colored Stones and Pearls, among others, with the knowledge of laboratory research.

In order to follow the training and knowledge that defines us, our team also has Art Historians specialized in various aspects of Art, in order to be able to serve you in the best way.

We act based on five “C’s”: Knowledge, Competence, Commitment, Trust and Complicity. These values ​​make us go beyond the most obvious value of each piece and attribute its fair value, considering its history and timeless relevance.”

Jose Baptista

CEO and Expert Gemologist


Auctioneer Santo Eloy has the objective of valuing what has value, differentiating a common object from a Work of Art. For this, it has a team of competent professionals, with long experience and specialized in the investigation, classification and valuation of Gold, Silver, Jewels, Watches, Precious Stones, Gold Coins and Visual Arts.

It is our goal to be an asset, offering something innovative through criteria of excellence.”


  • Founded on September 21, 2020;
  • We are the only National Auctioneer dedicated to and specialized in the Jewelery Sector;
  • We have a Gemology Laboratory dedicated to the Classification and Evaluation of Precious Stones;
  • Leiloeira Santo Eloy has a team of Experts and Specialists in Classifying and Valuing Jewellery, Fine Arts and Decorative Arts.
  • We have the experience and knowledge of the national and international auction market;
  • We value what has Value;
  • Our 5 C’s:
    • Knowledge
    • Competence
    • Confidence
    • Commitment
    • Complicity”

Technical Direction:
 Laboratory and Expertise
José Baptista